Academic Plan 2018-19

JUNE 2018
Date Activity
8th BALLB (Five years Course) Entrance Examination
9th BALLB (Five years Course) Declaration of Entrance Examination Results
12th LLB Degree (Three Years Course) Entrance Examination
13th LLB Degree (Three Years Course) Declaration of Entrance Examination Results
5th to 7th Counselling for Five Year Course Students
5th to 6th Counselling for Three Year Course Students
15th College Reopening
18th Classes commence
30th Reopening of Legal Aid Cells


JULY 2018
Date Activity
2nd Induction Ceremony for First Year BALLB and LLB Degree
3rd Classes commence for First Year BALLB and First LLB Degree students
3rd Issue of Selection Moot Problem
5th & 6th Orientation – Selection Moot Court
6th Guest Lecture
7th Guest Lecture
10th Issue of Compulsory Moot Problem (SY and TY Degree) (4Y and 5Y BALLB)
11th Legal Aid Meeting for Students with in charge of cells
16th Enrollment of Students for NSS
2nd Week CR Election & Formation of Students’ Council
3rd Week Inauguration of Students’ Council
17th Orientation – Compulsory Moot Court
19th NSS Orientation
21st Selection Moot Court ( SY, TY, 4Y, 5Y)
28th Legal Aid Cell Inspection
31st Inauguration of NSS Unit


Date Activity
1st ADR Board Selection – problem release
3rd ADR Orientation
4th Selection Moot Court – FY (DEG) &SY (BALLB)
9th Vanamahotsav – NSS
10th Moot Court Society – Orientation
11th ADR Board Selection
15th Independence Day Celebration – NSS
18th Guest Lecture
24th Panel Discussion on Passive Euthanasia
24th and 25th Compulsory Moot (SY and TY Degree) (4Y and 5Y BALLB)
27th Mother Teresa’s Birthday Celebration – NSS


Date Activity
3rd to 5th Internal Semester Assessment I
7th Gokulashtami/Dahi Handi
8th Teacher’s Day
12th to 18th Ganesh Chaturthi Vacation
24th and 25th Internal Semester Assessment II


Date Activity
3rd DPC written examination –Fifth Year(BALLB) and Third Year (Degree)
11th Third Year (Degree) – VIVA Paper I & II
12th Fifth Year (BALLB) – VIVA Paper I & II
3rd to 30th University Examinations
  End of Semester


Date Activity
1st to 18th Diwali Vacation
19th College Reopening – Semester Start
21st Issue of Compulsory Moot Problem (SY and TY Degree) (4Y and 5Y BALLB)
24th Inter LAC (Legal Aid Contest)
26th Constitution Day Celebration
30th Orientation for Compulsory Moot Court (SY and TY Degree) (4Y and 5Y BALLB)


Date Activity
7th Trial Advocacy – Fifth Year
10th Human Rights Day
14th and 15th Compulsory Moot Court (SY and TY Degree) (4Y and 5Y BALLB)
17th to 22nd LexFestivalis
19th Goa Liberation Day – NSS
20th to 22nd Intercollegiate T-20 Cricket Tournament
24th to 31st Christmas Vacation


Date Activity
9th to 12th Lex Infinitum
14th National Youth Day – NSS / Talk on AIDS awareness
21st Legal Aid Cell Inspection
25th NSS Rally on exercising Right to Vote
26th Republic Day Celebration – NSS


Date Activity
4th Trial Advocacy – Third Year (Degree)
5th Lawgical
6th to 8th Internal Tests
9th Talk on Road Safety – NSS
13th Annual Diploma Programme in Civil Law
19th State level Seminar on Intellectual Property Rights


MARCH 2019
Date Activity
2nd Blood Donation
16th Sports &NSS Form Filling
21st and 22nd Third Year (Degree) – VIVA Paper III & IV
23rd Fifth Year (B.A. LL.B.) – VIVA Paper III & IV
26th Annual Prize Distribution
29th Farewell


APRIL 2019
Date Activity
4th Staff Picnic
7th to 30th University Examinations