Name of the Association: The name of the Association shall be “V.M.Salgaocar College of Law Alumni Association”. Referred for the sake of Brevity and abbreviated as “SCOLAA”.

Address of the Association: c/o V.M.Salgaocar College of Law , Miramar – Panaji, North Goa District, Goa 403001. Any other office/ offices, as may be decided by the Managing Committee of Association from time to time.

Aims and Objectives: The objects for which the Alumni Association has been established are the following:

  1. To provide a vibrant forum for all alumni of Devi Sharvani Education Society’s V.M.Salgaocar College of Law, Panaji, Goa and to promote interaction, networking, a forum to connect, meet and interact, to promote and support each other in all spheres of public life.

  2. To maintain liaison between the College (administration, faculty members and present Students) and the College alumni, who are in different professions in life, for mutual benefit.

  3. To provide financial, advisory or other suitable support to the College for augmentation and development of academic, vocational and training facilities and also to participate financially or otherwise in the development programmes of the College.

  4. To build an active network of the Alumni across India and the world.

  5. To foster amongst students, college and alumni, a sense of co-operation and collective progress and to conduct activities to achieve this goal.

  6. To help alumni achieve their professional and societal goals;

  7. To organize lectures, symposia, workshops, conventions for the Alumni and also for the students of the College; to share knowledge and experience and promote dialogue and debate.

  8. To create awareness about the achievements, contribution and the rich heritage of the College amongst the Alumni, present students, workplaces, Association and the media.

  9. To encourage the Alumni to take an abiding interest in the progress and development of their alma mater.

  10. To promote and foster interest between the past and present students and teachers of the College.

  11. To undertake, organize or promote such other activities which may be approved by the Members of the Association and the Managing Committee, particularly activities with civic or charitable and such other similar objectives related to human resources development and employment of alumni, socio-cultural and economic issues that impact the Alumni and society at large.

  12. To help, encourage and assist the spread of education, and to render assistance, award scholarships to deserving students of the College and for this purpose to take all steps as may be necessary.

  13. To create, associate, or co-operate with any other Association or Associations having the same or similar objects in such manner and to such extent as may be desirable or possible.

  14. To promote national integration through the destruction of barriers of caste, creed, colour, race, religion and regionalism through the Members of the Association on a larger national and global scale.

  15. To contribute to the vision of Law College for being recognized among the world’s leading institutions in imparting education, academics, research,outreach, and innovation.

  16. To promote best practices in different areas of Law, Governance, humanities and social sciences for the benefit of the society, especially weaker sections, marginalized and the legal profession in general;

  17. To provide leadership in promoting and advocating the Objects of the Association.

  18. To mobilize resources for supporting the Objects of the Association.

  19. To collect, hold, manage, invest, grant and deal with funds and monies of the Association, for the realization of the Objects as per the provisions of the law.

  20. To acquire, purchase or otherwise own or take on lease or hire in Goa, any moveable or immoveable property necessary or convenient for the furtherance of the Objects of the Association.

  21. To employ and pay any staff as necessary or convenient for the furtherance of the Objects of the Association.

  22. To undertake all other lawful activities as are conducive or incidental to the above Objects and are beneficial to the interests of the College and/or its Alumni.

Membership of the Association:

  1. The Association shall have “Life Member”, being an Alumnus paying the prescribed Entrance Fees and a one-time fee of Rs. 10,000/- (Rupees Ten thousand only). There shall be no annual charges. The One-time Fee so collected shall be deposited in a corpus fund.

  2. Regular member: any ex student of VMS college of law who applied in the prescribed form and pays the admission fee and the annual membership fee and continues to do so every year shall be the regular member of the association.

  3. The Association may have “Honorary members”, who are Persons of repute and who have immensely contributed or have excelled in the field of Academics or Law or charity or social issues. Such a member shall be admitted to the association if more than 50 or not less than 50% members forming the quorum (whichever is less) of the annual General Body meeting or an Extraordinary General Body meeting, pass a motion in favour of admitting such a member. Such member shall not be required to pay any fees. Such member shall not have voting rights.

  4. The Principal of V. M. Salgaocar College of Law (Or any other name or connotation it may be referred to in the future) shall be the “PATRON MEMBER”. He shall not be required to pay any fees and shall not have any voting rights. He shall be the Significant link between the Association, alumnus, students, college staff, the Management of the College and any necessary Authority and work towards harmonious progress of the Association.

  5. Any Alumnus desirous of becoming a member of the Association shall apply for membership in writing to the Managing Committee in such form and with such supporting documents and fees as may be prescribed by the Managing Committee from time to time. The current fee shall be Rs. 50/- for application and Rs.100/- to be paid annually.

  6. On receipt of such an application for membership, the Secretary of the Association shall verify whether the applicant is eligible to be admitted as a member and if he is satisfied, shall place such application before the Managing Committee at the immediate next meeting of the Managing Committee, wherein the Managing Committee shall decide whether to admit or not to admit the applicant as a member.

  7. The Managing Committee shall have the absolute power and discretion to accept or reject any application but shall give reasons in case of rejection of any application.

  8. The Association shall cause to be kept and maintained the Register of Members, in which register the name and the following particulars of each Member shall be entered and updated from time to time, viz.
    1. Name
    2. Date of Birth
    3. Address
    4. Occupation
    5. Contact details [Phone + Email Address(If available)]
    6. Academic year(s) in which the Member was a student of the College and
    7. Program of Study
    8. Date of joining as a member
    9. Fees paid

  9. A Member shall forthwith intimate any change in his occupation or address or in the other particulars as the Association may prescribe from time to time and such change, upon verification, shall be forthwith entered/updated in the Register of Members.

  10. The details of each Member entered in the Register of Members shall be conclusive for all purposes of these Rules.

  11. A member shall cease to be a Member of the Society:
    1. On death (with his legal heirs having no right to succeed to his membership) and
    2. On tendering his resignation in writing to the Managing Committee or
    3. On removal as a Member.

  12. A Member shall be liable to be removed as a Member of the Association in any of the following events:
    1. If a Member is convicted by a Court of competent jurisdiction for any offence involving moral turpitude (notwithstanding that such sentence was later commuted, remitted or suspended).
    2. If a Member indulges in activities which are injurious or prejudicial to the interests of the Association or the college.

  13. No Member shall be removed as a Member except as provided in this Rule, viz.
    1. A Member shall be removed as a Member only by a General Body Resolution passed at a General Body Meeting of the members of the Society.
    2. A Member who is liable to be removed as a Member shall be served with a notice in writing by Registered Post, Acknowledgement Due at the Registered Address calling upon such Member to show cause why his membership ought not be terminated, and giving a clear date, which shall not be less than 14 days from the date of receipt of the notice, on which day such Member shall be given an opportunity to state his case and to lead and rebut any evidence. Provided that if such notice is received back from the Postal Authorities with remarks such as “Refused”, “Not found” or “Unclaimed”, such Notice shall be deemed to have been duly served.
    3. An Extra-Ordinary General Body Meeting shall be convened to consider the removal of a Member, at which meeting such Member shall be given due opportunity to state his case, and to lead and rebut any evidence. Provided that such Member shall not be entitled to have any legal practitioner representing him at such time. Provided that no Extra-Ordinary General Body Meeting shall be required to be convened if an Annual General Body Meeting is to be held within a period of one month from such proposed Extra-Ordinary General Body Meeting.
    4. After the Member has stated his case and led/rebutted any evidence, deliberations shall be held. Provided that not more than two persons shall speak for the passing of the Resolution and not more than two against the Resolution.
    5. After the deliberations, the Resolution shall be put to vote. A General Body Resolution shall be sufficient to remove a Member. In such vote the affected member shall not be entitled to vote.

  14. Notwithstanding the removal of a Member or on a Member ceasing to be a Member, such erstwhile Member shall be liable to pay to the Society, all dues till the date of termination or cessation, and the Association shall be entitled to claim and collect the dues in the manner, provided under the relevant law for the time being in force.

    A Member who has been removed as a Member shall be eligible to re-apply for membership after a period of two years from such removal from membership.

  15. Any member who is removed or who has resigned will however continue to hold the obligation to pay any dues which were due to this association upto the date of his resignation or removal.