B.A. LL.B (Five Year Course)

Five years Integrated B. A. LLB Programme (B.A.LL.B)

The B.A LL.B Five Year Integrated Law Program is a highly professional full-time course leading to double degrees-  Bachelor’s Degree in Arts and a Degree in  Law . The Five Year Integrated Law course introduced by the Bar Council of India, adheres to the standards prescribed by the UGC and is approved by the Goa University.  It is a double degree programme without either lateral entry or lateral exit. The students who have enrolled for the programme will obtain their degrees upon the successful completion of five years i.e. ten semesters.   The course content and the scheme is as notified vide the notification of Goa University.

General Outcomes of the Program:

On the completion of this Program, the student will acquire the eligibility to join:

  • The Bar to Practice of Law
  • The Bar to Practice of Law
  • Judicial Services
  • LL.M (In country/Abroad)
  • Philosophy of Law
  • Legal Process Outsourcing
  • As Legal Advisor In Law Firm
  • Non-Governmental Organization
  • As Prosecutors
  • As Law Clerk
  • Government Services
  • Legal officers in PSUs and Private Organizations

  • The Knowledge and understanding of Indian Legal System and the administration of justice in India.
  • The ability to find law, understand the law, Comprehend it, apply it to a particular fact situation, break it down into its component parts, recognize it and employ it creatively to serve clients interests, and evaluate the strength of its authority and its probable impact on clients.
  • The skills to deal with ethical and moral issues in the legal profession.
  • Learn the different role of lawyers and the ways in which lawyers can effect social change through innovative interpretation of legal principles.
  • The ability to render legal advice in a professional manner to the clients.
  • The ability to make use of information and materials from a variety of sources in research in the field of law to find solutions.
  • The skills necessary to integrate the knowledge, frame suitable questions for examination of witness in the court, and develop suitable strategies to provide competent representation to the clients.
  • Oratory skills necessary for a legal professional.
  • Skills in legislative drafting.
  • Leadership skills enabling the student to lead as well as to work in a group.
  • The understanding of the professional ethics and the responsibility of a legal professional.
  • The ability to bridge the gap between law and society and make the law socially relevant.
Program Specific Outcomes:
  • It is an integrated Program with combination of law subjects with other subjects such as History, Economics and Political Science. The student learns to adopt an interdisciplinary approach towards the study thereby making it comprehensive.
  • Provide the opportunity to place the law in the context of other disciplines in order to provide an integrated understanding of law and its function in society.
  • To develop integrated approach to the legal problems by using the knowledge in other allied subjects.
  • Learn to appreciate the interrelation between law and subjects such as economics, political science and history.

The course is designed to create professionally competent and socially sensitive students. The B.A. LLB program also seeks to provide students with exposure to the theoretical as well as practical aspects of law.

Students desirous seek admission to the Five Year Law Programme have to fulfill the eligibility criteria below and also undergo the requirements of the admission procedure.

Eligibility Criteria:

(i) 45% marks at the Higher Secondary Section Certificate Exam (HSSC) of Goa Board in any stream or equivalent.
(ii) Age below 20 years at the time of admission to F.Y. B.A. LL.B
(iii) Candidates from other Universities are required to obtain eligibility from Goa University.
(iv) For admission to the First Year of the Five Year Professional Degree Program, candidates must be successful in the Entrance test conducted.
(v) Interested candidates must purchase a copy of the Prospectus from the college office during working hours on payment of Rs. 500/- (Rupees Five hundred only) and fill in the application form enclosed therein. Application Form can also be obtained by post on payment of Rs. 550/- (Rupees five hundred fifty only) in shape of Bank Draft drawn in favour of the Principal of the respective college. Application forms can also be downloaded from the website of the college and submitted along with prescribed fees.
Please note that the institution shall not be held liable for any postal delay.
(vi) Documents to be submitted along with the application: –

The application form duly filled shall be submitted along with the following documents:

In Case of Local Students:

(a) Photocopy of HSSC or equivalent mark sheet.
(b) Photocopy of HSSC Passing Certificate.
(c) Photocopy of Birth Certificate.
(d) Five passport size photographs signed by the candidate.
(e) Payment of prescribed fees

In Case of Students from other Universities:

(i) Original and photocopy of Mark sheet.
(ii) Original and photocopy of Passing Certificate.
(iii) Photocopy of Birth Certificate.
(iv) Original and photocopy Migration Certificate.
(v) Eligibility Certificate form Goa University after results of Entrance exam.

1. Admission Process:

(i) Admission for the course will be strictly on merit.
(ii) Seats will be reserved strictly in accordance with the criteria laid down by the Government.

2. Selection for Admission:

(i) Candidates will be selected for admission on the basis of their rank at the entrance test conducted at the college on the specified dates and marks secured at the HSSC examination/equivalent examination.

(a) The performance of the candidate at the HSSC examination would carry 50% and
(b) Entrance Test would carry 50 % marks.

(ii) Names of the shortlisted candidates will be displayed on the college notice board.
(iii) Shortlisted Candidates who fulfill the eligibility criteria specified above are required to attend the Counseling session along with their parents on the date and time specified on the College Notice board.
(iv) A candidate failing to report for counseling on the date and time prescribed will not be given a chance subsequently under any circumstances.

3. Students who are already admitted into the course – namely second, third, fourth and fifth year students have also to attend the counseling session along with their parents on the date and time specified for their class. They are required to bring the following at the time of counselling.

(a) Mark sheet of the previous exam.
(b) Movement Diary of previous semester.

  1. The LL.B and the B.A. LL.B Law programme provide students with a comprehensive knowledge of law.
  2. Develops and hones the skills and capabilities essential for a legal professional.
  3. Emphasis on developing and fine-tuning lawyering skills.
  4. Teaching and learning is primarily centers around lectures and the use of innovative teaching methods such as role play, debate, projects, problem solving as well as  individual and group presentations.
  5. Focus on developing analytical thinking and a problem solving approach among students.
  6. Provides training in research and an opportunity to pursue research interests.
  7. Exposure to participate in competitions held at the national and international level.
  8. Opportunity for students to actively involve in social justice and access to justice,
  9. Major thrust on Clinical Legal education programmes where students learn by doing. Theoretical concepts are learnt by experiential learning


A candidate shall be eligible for admission to the LL.B Honors Degree Program, subject to the following:

  • Minimum of 45% at the HSSC examination of Goa Board of Secondary and Higher Secondary Education or equivalent, in any stream/branch of study for admission to first year of the program.
  • She / he should pass the Entrance Examination conducted by the college.
Entrance Examination

Admission to the B.A. LL.B First Year shall be on the basis of a common entrance examination conducted by the college. The test shall be of 2 hours duration mainly with objective type or short answer questions of a standard expected of 10 +2 students and based on their knowledge of English language, general knowledge, current affairs, objectivity and logical reasoning. Admission will be purely on merit depending on the above-mentioned criteria. Candidates who have appeared for the qualifying examination i.e. 10+2 are also eligible to appear for the entrance examination provided they fulfill the above mentioned criteria at the time of admission.
Candidates desiring to appear for the Entrance examination should fill the enclosed application form and submit the same after duly filling it to the College Office and should also obtain their hall tickets. Along with the completed application the students should submit 5 recent stamp size photographs and 2 self addressed envelopes. The date of the entrance examination as announced and as mentioned in the hall ticket will not be changed on any account. The examination is to be answered in English only. The results of the Entrance examination and the ranking list will be put up on the College notice board.

Scheme of the Entrance Examination and Ranking
  • The candidate will be given a test booklet, the booklet differs according to the number of the candidate, and hence the booklet should not be interchanged.
  • Answers to be written in ink/ball point pen only and at the specified place and manner alone.
  • Wherever the question is a multiple choice, the correct answer should be legibly encircled. Only one answer should be encircled for each of the questions. If more than one answer is encircled, or answer once encircled is erased, cancelled etc. The candidate will not be given marks for that question.
  • Wherever brief answers are asked for, e.g. answer in three or four lines etc. The answer should not exceed the specified limit or specified space, failing which, the answer will be ignored.
  • The maximum time allowed is 2 hours. All the questions should be answered within the prescribed time only. No extra time will be given under any case.

Scheme of Questions


  • Part A – Choosing appropriate word or phrase 1/2 mark each – 20 questions
  • Part B – Finding the error in a sentence from the multiple choice given. Carrying ½ mark each – 10 sentences
  • Part C – Encircling the missing word of the well-known phrase from the multiple choice carrying ½ mark each – 10 phrases.
  • Part D – Give meaning of the word given in capitals from the multiple choice carrying ½ mark each – 10 words.
  • Part E – Reading the passage and answering the questions – 5 questions carrying 1 mark each.


Certain relative statements are made with 4 different conclusions given. The candidate should encircle the most appropriate conclusion. 10 statements carrying mark each. Maximum 10 marks.



10 simple mathematical problems of 10th standard level are given with answers as multiple choices. The student should encircle the correct answer. They may use the opposite sheet or the overleaf sheet for rough working and calculation.



10 questions of 1 mark each with multiple choice answers as fill in the blanks on matters of common knowledge.



12 questions of 1 mark each based on recent newspaper reports and general knowledge



6 questions each carrying 3 marks each, in each question a principle of law are stated. A factual situation to which the principle could be applied is given the candidate has to apply the principle to the fact and give his reason in not more than 4 lines.

Scheme of Ranking

The aggregate of marks scored by the candidate at the XII Standard examination in all the subjects is converted into percentage. The percentage of marks so obtained is added to the total score at the entrance test, this total is divided by 2.This is the effective score for ranking for admission to the B.A. LL.B course.

Eligibility for Admission to Second Year of B.A. LL.B Course:

Only candidates who have passed the First Semester examination of B.A. LL.B course shall be eligible for admission to the Second Year of B.A. LL.B Program. The admission for the second Year onwards is conditional on the performance of the students including their conduct in the college. The college will put up a list of candidates who are eligible for admission to Second, Third Year etc. Students whose names are not mentioned in the list notifies and if they desire to seek admission are required to meet the Admission Panel along with their parents.

Eligibility for Admission to the Third Year of the B.A. LL.B Course:

Only candidates who have passed the First, Second and Third Semester examination of B.A. LL.B course shall be eligible for admission to the Third Year B.A. LL.B Program.

Eligibility for Admission to the Fourth Year of the B.A. LL.B Course:

Only candidates who have passed the First, Second, Third, Fourth and Fifth Semester Examination of B.A. LL.B. Course shall be eligible for admission to the Fourth Year of B.A. LL.B Program.

Eligibility for Admission to the Fifth Year of the B.A. LL.B Course:

Only candidates who have passed the First, Second, Third, Fourth, Fifth, Sixth and Seventh Semester Examination of B.A. LL.B. Course shall be eligible for admission to the Fifth Year of B.A. LL.B Program.