The Sexual Harassment of Women at Work-Place (Prevention, Prohibition and Redressal) Act 2013, which was passed by the Parliament of India, came into force on 9th December 2013.

The following faculty members have been nominated as members of the College Internal Complaints Committee, constituted under section 4 of the Sexual Harassment of Women at Work-Place (Prevention, Prohibition and Redressal) Act, 2013.

Chairperson – Ms. Varsha Virginkar

Faculty Representative:

Representative – Administration:

Representative – NGO: Mr. Emidio Pinho
Representative – Student (U. G.): Mr. Raj Ramani
Representative – Student (Masters): Ms. Reshma Thali
Representative – Research Scholar: Ms. Gomati Onskar

Contact No: 0832 2464211 / 0832 2462771


In order to ensure strict compliance and monitoring of Anti Ragging measures as laid down in UGC Regulation, college has nominated the following representatives-

(1) Head of the Institution/College:-

Dr. M.R.K. Prasad

(2) Representative of Civil Administration:-

Dr. Snehal Goltekar

(3) Representative of Police Administration:-

Mr. Jaswal Singh

(4) Representative of Local Media:-

Mr. Nigel Britto (Assistant News Editor, Times of India)

(4) Representative of N.G.O (SCAN):-

Ms. Audrey Pinto

(5) Representative of Faculty Members:-

(1) Dr. Sahadev Arjun Mandrekar (Director of Physical Education)
(2) Dr. Babugouda S. Patil (Asst. Prof.)
(3) Ms. Sonal U. Sardessai (Asst. Prof.)
(4) Ms. Andryusha A. D’Costa e Pinho (Asst. Prof.)

(6) Representative of Parents:-

Mr. Sanjay Dhavalikar

(7) Representative of Students:-

(1) Mr. Vishesh Kulkarni
(2) Ms. Devita Naik
(3) Mr. Harsh Joshi
(4) Ms. Anushka Kuvelkar

(8) Representative of Non-teaching:

Ms. E. Sena (Head Clerk)

Constitution of Anti Ragging Squad:

(1) Dr. M.R.K. Prasad : – Principal
(2) Dr. G. Shaber Ali :- Associate Professor
(3) Dr. Kim Rocha Couto :- Assistant Professor
(4) Dr. Kotagiri Srinivasa Rao :- Associate Professor, HOD
(5) Ms. Sandhya Ram S.A. :- Assistant Professor
(6) Dr. Babugouda S. Patil :- Assistant Professor
(7) Ms. Pearl Monteiro :- Assistant Professor
(8) Dr. Nagesh S. Colvalkar :- Assistant Professor
(9) Dr. Ranjana Ferráo :- Assistant Professor
(10) Dr. Mrunmayi M. Vaidya :- Assistant Professor
(11) Ms. Gomati Desai Onsker :- Assistant Professor
(12) Ms. Bhakti Naik :- Assistant Professor
(13) Ms. Ashwini Naik :- Assistant Professor
(14) Ms. Sonal U. Sardessai :- Assistant Professor
(15) Ms. Shruti Kamat Dalal : :- Assistant Professor
(16) Mr. Aamod Shirali :- Assistant Professor
(17) Ms. Suchita R . Kamat Timble :- Assistant Professor
(18) Ms. Kamaxi Sambari :- Assistant Professor
(19) Dr. Sahadev Arjun Mandrekar :- Director of Phy. Edu & Sports
(20) Mr. Sharad Chikodi :- Librarian


The Collage has an open Canteen facility where refreshment and meals are provided to the students and faculty at a subsidized rate. It has an independent kitchen which even caters the requirements of the Institution whenever functions are organized such as seminars, Workshops, Training Programmes, Competitions or even during staff picnic. Apart from Canteen being a source of refreshments, students find the place cozy for networking for any College activity.