Digital Library

The college is equipped with digital library meeting its pace with the global developments around the world. It has unique collection of rare reports namely,

  • Kings Bench Reports 1901-1947
  • Queens Bench Reports 1866-1901
  • Chancery Appeals and Cases 1866-1947
  • Statutes 1867-1947
  • Privy Council Reports 1867-1881
  • Probate Division Reports 1872-1947
  • Probate and Divorce 1869-1875
  • Indian Decisions 1875-1905
  • Scotch Cases 1869-1875
  • Crown Cases 1872-1875
  • Exchequer Cases 1866-1876

The college library also follows an open access system. All the catalogues of books and bound journals can be accessed through the computers connected with the library server (Network) which is also known as OPAC (Open Access Catalogue).