NSS Programme on Self-Awareness

The NSS Unit of V.M. Salgaocar College of Law organized a talk on “Self-Awareness” for the First Year B.A. LL.B Students on the 24th of September 2016. The talk was delivered by Col. MS Niranjan who after a distinguished career of over 25 years including as an instructor at Officers National Defense Academy, UN Observer, decorated in Srilanka is presently in Goa as a coach, mentor and speaker.

In his talk Col. N.S. Niranjan explained to the students how the need of the hour is to be self-aware of one’s potential and passion. He said that technology has taken away the ‘me time’ ‘quite time’ from all of us thus giving us no time to be self-aware. He stated that the three steps to self–awareness are to pause, reflect and bring awareness. He further stated that the only mantra of being self-aware is “Do what is necessary which will help you do what is possible and in turn you will achieve what is impossible.” Further he defined Passion as “the work which you do with your hands which touches your heart and in turn helps you think with your mind”.

While addressing the students as soldiers of society he said that as they are the future of the judicial fraternity and guardians of law they have to contribute towards making a better society.