Institutional Code of Conduct

V.M. Salgaocar College of Law – Campus Rules and Regulations
1. Code of Conduct

Being a professional course, the students who are enrolled for this programme are expected to have certain minimum requirements in terms of their behavior, value system and intellectual caliber. Students are required to strictly follow in all their activities at the College the following minimum code of conduct, violation of which would result in cancellation of their admission and automatic rustication of their name from the rolls of this College.

2. Identity Card

At the time of admission each student will be issued an identity card which can be easily clipped to his or her upper garment. Every student who enters the College premises is expected to wear this identity card, failing which the student will be immediately expelled from the premises and suitable disciplinary action will be initiated.

3. Dress Code

a) Every student is expected to dress in a decent and proper manner keeping in view the fact that they are students of a professional programme.
b) Student should wear clothing that is not distracting or offensive to others. Indecent, torn or dirty clothing is unacceptable. Any clothing that has words, terms or pictures that may be offensive to other people is unacceptable.
c) Every student is expected to dress in black and white formal attire for any academic activity/programme in the college.
d) If the clothing fails to meet these standards, the student may be sent home to change clothes and will receive a warning. Progressive disciplinary action will be applied if dress code violations continue.

4. Student Movement Diary

Every student will be issued a diary to maintain a record of their activities and movements. Every student is expected to bring the diary daily to college and maintain a record of their activities and movements in the diary on a regular basis. For participating in college activities and for internal assessment as well as practical examinations the students should product their diary. The diary should be produced whenever instructed or demanded by the Principal or any other faculty member.

5. Mentor System

In order to ensure overall development of the students to college has evolved a unique mentor system in keeping with the motto ‘Excellentia Justitia et Humanitas’, Each student will be attached to a faculty member who has to advise, guide, discuss college related issues and academic activities. For this purpose the students are required to meet the concerned faculty member every week.

6. Compulsory Class Attendance

All Students are required to have minimum 75% attendance in each subject for every semester, failing which the concerned student will not be allowed to answer end semester examination.

7. Use of Mobiles/Cameras

The college strictly prohibits the use of mobiles/cameras during class hours. Any student found guilty of the same, will be subjected to disciplinary action.

8. Use of Library

Students should also note that the library is meant only for learning i.e. reading and writing. They should observe complete silence when they are in the library. Students are expected to read and follow the regulations notified on the library notice board from time to time.

9. Cleanliness

Students are strictly prohibited from writing anything on the walls, desk and benches or from indulging in defacing/graffiti writing especially in the toilets. Anyone found doing so will have to pay the cost of painting the wall or room as the case may be.

10. Sports & Gymnasium

The Gymnasium and other sports facilities are available for student use only during recess or beyond their class hours. They should obtain the sport material by production of the identity card. They should make sure that the use of the Gymnasium and other sports facilities do not distract the normal conducting of class or other activities in the Collage. The Students are expected to practice for various sports competitions and sports activities after their class hours. Students who are attending sport practice or participating in Competitive Sports Games should ensure that their Movement Diary is signed by the Sports Director on day-to-day basis. They should also obtain the counter signature of the Principal for such sports activity once a week.

11. Use of Computers

Every student who enters the computer room should ensure that they enter their name, class, roll no. etc., with the time of their entry in the register kept for the purpose. They should use the computers only as per the rules and regulations of the Computer Society. Any deviation in this regard will be considered as serious misconduct and will result in severe punishment including rustication of the student from the College.

12. Code of Conduct regarding Election – College Students’ Council

All the students who have minimum 75% attendance in all subjects for the semester are deemed eligible to be members of the College Students Council. For the purpose of smooth interaction and co-operation, the College authorities may call for election of one or two members from each class. Such an election will be conducted during the normal working hours and during the normal course of lecture with or-without prior notice. Students interested in representing their class are not allowed for a College of legal education that the candidates who get elected are persons with caliber and are elected because of their own credibility. Other students are not allowed to canvass for any other candidate. Use of any other method or exhibition of political, religious or community affiliation by any student is totally prohibited in the College premises.

13. Proposals by Students regarding College Activities

The College carries out various academic co-curricular and law related activities during the course of the academic year. These activities are organized and coordinated by any group of students who have the creativity, interest and dedication. The Students are requested to plan programmes, class wise or with their own groups. They are required to put up their proposal in a brief written format to the Principal who will discuss the same at the faculty meeting and after obtaining the approval of the faculty, the proposal will be put up before the elected members of the Students Council. Thereafter, the group will be guided in organizing the program. Any Student can organize any law related program in the College by the following the above procedure.

Audience with Principal

In the normal course, the Principal of the College will be available in the office during usual working hours.

14. Student suggestions, grievance before Faculty Council

The Principal and members of the teaching faculty meet once in every fortnight to plan the various activities of the College, review academic progress and also co-operate in the functioning of the College. The Faculty meets are an essential and regular activity at the College. Students may put up their suggestions, grievances etc., at the faculty meeting through any of the faculty members.

15. Ban on Private Tuitions

As per the statute and the recent circular issued by Goa University, members of the faculty as well as students who are enrolled at this institution and herby required to note that private tuition in any form either individual or through coaching classes is banned. Any person indulging in such activity is subject to suitable disciplinary action as per the existing laws.

16. Ban on Smoking and Consumption of Alcoholic Drinks

Smoking and consumption of alcoholic drinks within premises and 100 m. radius beyond the college premises is strictly prohibited. Any person indulging in such activity is subject to suitable disciplinary action as per the existing law.

17. Ban on Ragging in the College

Ragging is banned in the College and anyone found indulging in Ragging is likely to be punished which may include expulsion from the College. Ragging has been banned and made punishable offence as per Goa Prohibition of Ragging Act, 2008 and its Directives.

18. Staff Student Relations

The students are expected to maintain cordial and respectful relations with each of the staff. They should also ensure that this relationship is only for purpose of pursuing their programme of study at this college.

19. Disclaimer

The College does not authorize and encourage any picnic, tour, hike, outing, etc for students. Use of the College name for the same would make the concerned students liable to disciplinary action.