Lawgical is an All Goa Inter Higher Secondary School Competition organised annually by the Political Science department of the College. This Competition is aimed at exposing the students to the importance of Political Science as a discipline for higher studies and in day to day life. It promotes scholastic excellence and competence through healthy and fair competition and at the same time provides a venue for interaction of students from Higher Secondary Schools all across the state.

Lawgical is a full day event and includes the following competitions:

The Elocution Competition encourages multilingualism as there is no language restriction for the Competition. This competition interalia includes topics based on current affairs, socio-political and legal issues.

The Quiz Competition is based on the Constitution of India and more particularly on the three organs of the Government – The Legislature, The Executive and the Judiciary, at the Central and State levels.

Besides the two main On-stage events, the Lawgical also includes the Off-stage events like Movie making, Poster making, Collage Making, Designing Election Manifesto and the like. Such events allow the participants to freely express their view and ideas on various socio-legal issues.

Lawgical 2016