Law’racle is the three -monthly Newsletter of the College. It is a forum of the students, by the students and for the students of this College. In keeping with our tradition of ensuring a holistic development for our students, Law’racletaps, hones and fine tunes research and writing skills as well as creativity in students. It is also a collective effort of the faculty and students to initiate debate, discussion and dialogue on various legal issues concerning citizens nationally and globally.


The Newsletter aspires to serve

  • As a platform for students to showcase their research and writing skills on selected themes.
  • As a forum for connecting, conversing and communicating ideas.
  • As an update of the events and programmes held at the College.
  • As a medium to promote value – education.

Published thrice a year, the Newsletter features articles on a theme, poems, humour, accomplishments of the students and events at the campus, the whole year through. Alternating as a class-wise edition or an Open –house edition where students from any class are free to participate, the Newsletter caters to a variety of creative skills – whether artistic, literary or research.

The audit of laws and the impact of judicial decisions are some of the areas in which students have displayed remarkable research skills and analysis.

The laurels secured by students in various curricular or extracurricular competitions hold a pride of place in the Newsletter.

Editorial Board:

Dr. M.R.K. Prasad (Principal) : Chief Editor
Dr. Kotagiri Srinivasa Rao : Editor
Ms. Sonal U. Sardessai : Co. Editor
Reginald Castellino (Creagraph) : Graphics

This Academic year two issues were released:

  • First Issue – July 2015 to October 2015
  • Second Issue – November 2015 to February 2016

The Editorial Board is working on the release of the Third Issue of Law’racle.