LL.B Degree (Three Year Course)

LL.B Degree (Three Years Course)

The College offers three years professional degree programme recognized by the Bar Council of India. The study of law during these three years stretches much beyond books and engages the students in development of their talents as well as community participation. The students have ample opportunities to gain experience through various endeavours of the college like the moot court and the mock trail exercises which hone their argumentative and analytical abilities.

The College also provides firsthand experience of community interaction and service through its 35 permanent Free Legal Aid Cells operating in various places throughout the State. Not only the legal knowledge but also the skills of communication, building public relations, oratory and acting are enhanced through these activities. Along with making students into skilled professionals, the College also believes in creating socially sensitive lawyers. This is very well manifested through its Legal Aid Cells, Consumer Clinic, Child Rights Clinic and the Prison Clinic which is run by the students. Learning at VMS is a life enriching experience.

General Outcomes of the Program:

On the completion of this Program, the student will acquire:

The eligibility to join:

  • The Bar to Practice of Law
  • The Bar to Practice of Law
  • Judicial Services
  • LL.M (In country/Abroad)
  • Philosophy of Law
  • Legal Process Outsourcing
  • As Legal Advisor In Law Firm
  • Non-Governmental Organization
  • As Prosecutors
  • As Law Clerk
  • Government Services
  • Legal officers in PSUs and Private Organizations

  • The Knowledge and understanding of Indian Legal System and the administration of justice in India.
  • The ability to find law, understand the law, Comprehend it, apply it to a particular fact situation, break it down into its component parts, recognize it and employ it creatively to serve clients interests, and evaluate the strength of its authority and its probable impact on clients.
  • The skills to deal with ethical and moral issues in the legal profession.
  • Learn the different role of lawyers and the ways in which lawyers can effect social change through innovative interpretation of legal principles.
  • The ability to render legal advice in a professional manner to the clients.
  • The ability to make use of information and materials from a variety of sources in research in the field of law to find solutions.
  • The skills necessary to integrate the knowledge, frame suitable questions for examination of witness in the court, and develop suitable strategies to provide competent representation to the clients.
  • Oratory skills necessary for a legal professional.
  • Skills in legislative drafting.
  • Leadership skills enabling the student to lead as well as to work in a group.
  • The understanding of the professional ethics and the responsibility of a legal professional.
  • The ability to bridge the gap between law and society and make the law socially relevant.
Program Specific Outcomes:
  • Use their previous exposure to the subject in the graduation in understanding the law.
  • Recognise Law as a dynamic discipline requiring professional lifelong learning and skill development.
  • Understand and uphold the highest ethical standards in discharging responsibilities to clients, other professionals, the courts and the public.
  • Understand the correlation between law and society.
Eligibility and Admission Prodedure:
  • The candidate has to secure 45% at the qualifying examination at the graduation degree.
  • The candidate is required to qualify the Entrance Exam conducted by the college.
  • The aggregate of marks scored by the candidate at the Bachelor Degree Examination in all the subjects is converted into percentage. The percentage of marks so obtained is added to the total score at the Entrance Test. This total is divided by 2. This is the effective score for ranking for admission.
Academic Regulations:
  • The duration of the LL.B Degree course shall be three academic years.
  • Each academic year is divided into two semesters. Each Semester has a minimum of 90 teaching days. The first semester shall ordinarily be between July-October and the second shall be from November-April with breaks for vacation.
  • There shall be a University exam at the end of each semester.
Rule regarding Completion of Course:

As per Goa University Ordinance OA -16.13, the total duration available for the students to complete the course shall be two times the actual duration prescribed for the course. The students who do not complete the course/pass all the examinations prescribed for the course within the available duration, shall have to discontinue the course.

Practical Papers:

The syllabus for the programme is as prescribed by the Bar Council. The Course contains four practical papers for which intensive and continuous training is given to the students. The practical papers aim to bridge the gap between the students and the community. Students community participation is ensured through the medium of various initiatives of the College like the Consumer Clinic, Prisoner’s Rights Clinic, Child Rights Clinic, Legal Aid Clinics, ADR Board among others.


A candidate shall be eligible for admission to the LL.B Degree Program (Three Years Course), subject to scoring a minimum of 45% at the Bachelors Degree examination of Goa University or equivalent, in any stream/branch of study for admission to first year of the program. As per the Bar Council directive, fractions cannot be rounded off for the purpose of eligibility for admission.

Students from other universities should obtain the eligibility from Goa University before seeking admission to the First Year L.L.B. of the three year course.
Only candidates who have appeared for the Goa Law Common Admission Test (CAT) shall alone be eligible for admission to the first year of the three year program.

Eligibility for Admission to Second Year LL.B Degree Course:

Only candidates who have passed the First Semester examination of the First Year LL.B shall be eligible for admission to the Second Year LL.B

Eligibility for Admission to Third Year LL.B Degree Course:

Only candidates who have passed the First, Second and Third Semester examination shall be eligible for admission to the Third Year LL.B

Eligibility for Candidates from other Universities:

Irrespective of the above, the University may grant eligibility to students migrating from other universities depending upon the nature of the course and subjects passed by them to a particular year/semester.