Prison Clinic



The College has established a Prison Reforms Clinic with the object of bringing about reforms in the prison administration in association with the Prison authorities through awareness drives, prison visits and research projects. The very first initiative is the Project on Remission of Prison Sentence.

Project for Remission to Prisoners

Modern penological jurisprudence demands that an offender be viewed as a human being in need of rehabilitation and reformation rather than as a mere subject-matter of punishment. Punishment should only be the means, and not an end to justice. An offender, just like any other human, deserves an opportunity to reintegrate into the mainstream, in cases where he exhibits the ability and willingness to do so, based on his good conduct while serving the sentence.

Remission of the sentence, is one such opportunity for the therapeutic reformation of the offender. The decision of course, needs to be based on several objective considerations.

This project of studying the eligibility of the offenders in the State of Goa who have completed ten years of imprisonment, and proposed to be released pursuant to remission of their sentence and also the implication of their release on them, as well as on other relevant stake holders, is being undertaken at the request of the Directorate of Prison, Government of Goa.

Memorandum of Understanding

The College signed the Memorandum of Understanding in relation to the Remission of Prison Sentence Project with the Directorate of Prison represented by The Inspector General Shri. Elvis Gomes in presence of the Chief Minister Shri. Lakshmikant Parsekar.