Research Projects undertaken by VMSCL

  1. Translation of Right to Information Act 2005 to Konkani by Bandora Free Legal Aid Cell
    The free flow of information is a must for a democratic society as it helps the society to grow and to retain a continuous debate and discussion among the people. Bandora Free Legal Aid Cell decided to translate RTI Act into local language of the State of Goa.The Right to Information Act, 2005 was passed for making the government transparent and more accountable; the effective use of it would, in a long run, curb corruption. But when Bandora Cell members researched in this respect they found that there was no translation of this Act in state language and it acted as a barrier in reaching out to more people. Hence the project to translate this important legislation into Konkani thereby would make it easily accessible to all and fill in the gaps as to the benefits of legislation reaching out to people of Goa. The Cell members are also working towards getting it published from Government of Goa.


  2. Project on Eradication of Child labour in the shacks in the coastal belt of Mandrem by Mandrem Free Legal Aid Cell

    With the motto of ‘STOP CHILD LABOUR’, the members of Mandrem Free Legal Aid Cell undertook a research project on Eradication of child Labour in the shacks in Mandrem.The team drafted an application addressed to the panchayat to pass a resolution in Gram Sabha for affixing banners on topic stop child labour in shacks, restaurants, shops and in all ward of Mandrem village.The team attended the gram sabha wherein they put forth the contents of their resolution which had been approved by the panchayat without any objections.The application was filed before the panchayat requesting the secretary and sarpanchto issue the copy of the resolution.
    After the resolution copy was provided the team requested the secretary for a list of names of all the shacks, hotels and resorts in Mandrem and Ashvem villages.The list which was so provided contained 64 numbers of resorts and shacks. The team also requested the Panchayat to providewith a member to accompany them in their visits to the shacks. The team approachedthe hotel and shack owners and gave them the information on prohibition of child labour and also informed them about the resolution, size of the banner and the material to be used. Some were very cooperative whereas some had problem with the size of the banner and material. Hence the students agreed with them to reduce the size of the banner and informed that they would further come for inspection. When the team went for inspection, they found that the response was very poor. The team wrote an application to the Goa State Commission for the Protection of Child Rights and submitted it in their office at Panjim. Further they requested the Commission to send an officer to accompany them for the inspection.


  3. Project on Overcharging Menace and Consumer Rights by Mapusa Free Legal Aid Cell

    The Mapusa Legal Aid Cell conducted a city wide survey with a motive to find the true nature of the MRP overcharging menace. The survey depicted city wide blatant violation of Law. In course of survey conducted it was learnt that it was state wide menace also. In further research the cell members found that shop owners/hotels had right to charge extra, i.e. cooling charges etc but they couldn’t attach this cost directly to the goods, thereby increasing the selling price than that of maximum retail price. This ranges from 5-10 rupees extra per product (goods bought). After the cell members collected all the bills at random all over Mapusa and other places which were charging more than MRP on sale of water bottles and soft drinks, the Cell collaborated with the college Consumer Clinic and filed a complaint before Consumer Conciliation Committee, Junta House – Panaji.


  4. Research Project on Mid-day Meal Scheme
    Report of the Project on Mid-day Meal Scheme undertaken by Valpoi Legal Aid Cell in the previous year, was submitted to the Director of Education. Under this project, the members of Valpoi Free Legal Aid Cell had visited ten schools in Sattari taluka and studied the implementation and effectiveness of the Mid-day meal Programme of the Government of Goa. The team also ventured to study the condition of toilets in the schools in Sattari Taluka. Extensive survey was conducted for this purpose.


  5. Research Project on Remission of Prison Sentence of Convicts in Goa

    The Prison Reform Clinic undertook a project work on Remission of Prison Sentence of Convicts in Goa in collaboration with Directorate of Prison, Government of Goa. The research project involved reviewing the eligibility of the 37 shortlisted prisoners who had completed 10 years of their sentence for remission and the implications of their release. The Research team interviewed the shortlisted prisoners from Colvale Jail and Sada sub-jail. The other stakeholders such as Jail Authorities, Cell inmates of the concerned prisoners and their family members were interviewed to further strengthen the opinion to allow remission of sentence for these prisoners. The final detailed report of the research work was submitted to Directorate of Prison, Government of Goa.

  6. Project to discourage Child Labour in Tourism especially along the coastal belts in Goa

    The Legal Aid Society of V.M. Salgaocar Law College in collaboration with Goa State Commission for Protection of Child Rights launched an extensive campaign to discourage child labour in tourism along coastal belt.

  7. Established Research and Analysis Group (RAGE) of Centre for Consumer Rights

    Research and Analysis Group (RAGE) of Centre for Consumer Rights was involved with all kinds of research to collect all the relevant material on impact of the fire crackers on environment, on health, frequency of accidents, etc. The RAGE was required to coordinate with other task forces for obtaining the information.

  8. Research Project to develop legal database of simplified legal procedures in India

    Justice Adda ( a legal design social venture incubated at the University of Cambridge Judge Business School collaborated with the Legal Aid Society to build data base of easy to understand and simplified legal procedure in India. A team of students volunteered and submitted research input for more than 10 topics

  9. Research Project on Stray Dog Menance at Goa Velha

    The members of Goa Velha Free Legal Aid Cell of the college conducted a pilot study on the stray dog menace. It was found that the problem was faced by many in the market area. The students further conducted a signature campaign and submitted the same to the Panchayat for further action.

  10. Survey on BSNL landline connection in the area of Mapusa

    The Mapusa residents approached the Mapusa Free Legal Aid Cell of the college on the issue of absence of BSNL landline Telephone Connection. The students conducted a survey of 313 houses in various parts of Bardez Taluka. The Survey analysis report was prepared and a letter along with the report was submitted to BSNL office, Mapusa specifying the need of BSNL landline connections in Bardez Taluka.

  11. Proposal laid before the Anjuna Gram Sabha

    The Anjuna Free Legal Aid Cell members put up a proposal at the Gram Sabha in order to provide for more effective provisions for maintenance and welfare of parents and senior citizens guaranteed and recognised under the Constitution of India and the maintenance and welfare of parents and senior citizens rules 2009 made by government.