Right to access information held by public bodies is a fundamental right guaranteed under the Constitution of India. Supreme Court of India accepted this right as an inherent part of Right to Freedom of Speech and Expression and the Right to life and personal liberty. The court judgments are not sufficient to provide transparency, openness and accountability at the gross root level. There was a need to enact a separate legislation to guarantee right to information to each and every citizen.

In this direction the Union government made the Right to Information Act, 2005. The main purpose of the Act is to bring transparency, openness and accountability in administrative process in each and every department. This Act came in to force on 12th October 2005.

Under the RTI Act Sec.5 (1) imposes a duty on the Public Authority to designate State Public Information Officers in all administrative units or offices as may be necessary to provide information to persons requesting for the information under this Act.

To comply with the above section V M Salgaocar College of Law has designated the following authorities in providing information on request to the Indian Citizens.

Public Information Officer – Dr. Kotagiri Srinivasa Rao – HOD, Associate Professor (Phone No: 0832 2462225)

Assistant Public Information Officer – Ms. E. Sena, Head Clerk (Phone No: 0832 2462225)

Aggrieved person can prefer an appeal against the PIO to the First Appellate Authority

First Appellate Authority – Dr. M.R.K. Prasad – Principal (Phone No: 0832 2464211)