Rules and Regulations

The use of the college library is meant for faculty and students of the college and others who have a specific research need. It is also accessible to the past students and practicing lawyers.

To ensure a pleasant and productive environment for study and research for all the users, the Library Conduct Policy expects the users to refrain from indulging in the following activities:-

  • Removing or attempting to remove library materials or property without formal check-out or other authorization.
  • Consuming food within the library.
  • Smoking in the library.
  • Mutilating library reading materials by marking, underlining, tearing off pages and by damaging or defacing them in other way.
  • Preempting, misplacing, hiding or limiting the availability users in any way.
  • Leaving books, materials or personal property on tables or carrels while leaving the library.
  • Engaging in disruptive behaviour or activities like use of cellular phones , loud talking , etc
  • Use of computers for personal use.
  • Bringing inside personal belongings not essential to the study/research undertaking.
  • Bringing in fire arms or other weapons.

To maintain discipline in the library premise the following rules and regulations are implemented strictly:-

  • Right of entry to the library is reserved to the bonafide students, faculty and other staff member of the college. Alumni , lawyers are allowed by prior permission.
  • Membership:- all the students are enrolled as members of the library as soon as they are admitted to the college. They are handed over their library card on arrival.
  • Library membership is renewed every year subject to the re-admission in the new academic year.
  • Library card is not transferable.
  • Members should keep the library informed in case of any change of address.
  • Replace the library card in case of mutilation/loss.
  • Circulation Policy:- books are issued against the library card only.
  • Books should be returned to the library within due date. or else a fine will be levied in accordance with the fine structure as decided by the library committee from time to time.
  • Books shall be issued against the library card for overnight reading.
  • Students should carry the library card regularly and it should be produced as and when asked by the library staff.
  • Books on loan in the custody of the users can be recalled by the librarian at any time without assigning any reason thereof.
  • Loss of the books should be informed to the library and must replace it with a new book.