Salgaocar Law Review

The V. M. Salgaocar College of Law, Goa has been imparting quality legal education and promoting intense research on variety of legal issues since its inception. As a part of this endeavor, the College invites contributions in the form of research articles to be published in Volume IV of the ‘Salgaocar Law Review’, an annual peer-reviewed publication (ISSN No. 2395-7263).

Theme: Articles are invited on any relevant legal theme or a socio-legal theme.


  • The last date for submission of the article is 15th July 2018.
  • Acceptance/Rejection/Suggestions for changes by Peer Review Team, will be intimated by 30th August 2018.
  • Publication will be made in December 2018.

Guidelines for Authors:

  1. The research article should be within 3000 to 4000 words.
  2. ‘The Bluebook: A Uniform System of Citation, Harvard Law Review (19th Edition)’ should be followed for citation
  3. Only footnotes should be used
  4. Articles should be sent in MS word format (Double-space,12 Font, Times New Roman) as attachments.
  5. List of reference books/Bibliography will not be published as a part of the article. (References should appear in the footnotes only).
  6. The article should be the original work of the author and should not have been published earlier.
  7. The article should be mailed at with complete information of the author(Name, Designation, Institution working for, etc.)