The college has established a full-fledged sports unit, with all necessary infrastructural facilities. The Unit is headed by the Director of Physical Education Dr. Sahadev Arjun Mandrekar. The college has a firm belief in the necessity for over all development of the students. The sports unit conducts its activities complementary to the academic programs of the students. The interested sports candidates have to first clear the selection round, in order to represent the college in State and the National Level Competitions. The Director of Physical Education ensures that the students consistently practice for various sports events, competitions and activities either during the available free time or beyond their class hours.

This Academic Year the students participated in twenty Sports Events.

College Participation in Sports Events
 Badminton  Football
 Chess  Taekwondo
 Table Tennis  Lawn Tennis
 Judo  Athletics
 Swimming  Kabaddi
 Weight Lifting  Basketball
 Power Lifting  Hockey
 Best Physique  Handball
 Cross Country  Volley Ball
 Cricket  Cycling
Outstanding Achievements

I) National Level
Name of the Student Event Participated Awards
Achit Shigvan Cricket, Goa Cricket Association under 21 & 25 at Goa University
National Ku Shu Kung Fu Gold Medal
Rehan Abbasi
(Name entered into Golden Book of World record in “Most People Playing” Kumite).
NKFI International Kick Boxing & Karate Championship Silver Medal
Nandini Kedilaya Boxing Goa University
Shakti Naik, Ugam Deulkar, Viraj Mishall Goa State Tug of War
II) Inter College Level
Name of the Student Event Participated Awards
VMSCL Team Best Physique Championship organized by Rosary College Runners up
VMSCL Team Basket ball Tournament organized by Xaviers College, Mapusa. Runners up
Aishwarya Nunes Swimming Silver Medal
Asifa B. Khan Taekwondo & represented Goa. Gold Medal
Kaushal Shetye Weight Lifting Bronze Medal
Pundalik Salkar Weight Lifting Silver Medal
Diggaj Tendulkar Weight Lifting Bronze Medal
Coburn Franco Taekwondo & Short put Bronze Medal
Bhalchandra Bandodkar Hammer Throw Silver Medal
Sayeel Lingudkar Taekwondo Bronze Medal
Dattaraj Pissurlekar Best Physique Silver Medal
Best Physique organized by Rosary College Gold Medal
Neehal Vernekar Best Physique organized by Rosary College Silver Medal
Pritesh Khorjuvenkar Weight Lifting Gold Medal
Best Physique Bronze Medal
Power Lifting Gold Medal
Best Physique organized by Rosary College Silver Medal
Best Physique at Mangueshi Gold Medal

Total Gold Medals: 06
Silver Medals: 07
Bronze Medals: 05



Intra Muaral (Fun week)

Inter Class Sports events were also organized during Lex Festivalis in the month of December 2015.

List of Events & Winners
Events Winners(W) / Runners up (R)
Football W – TY Degree
R – FY B.A. LL.B
Table Tennis W- 4th Year B.A. LL.B
R – 1st Year degree
Relay W – 5th Year LL.B (Hons.)
R – 3rd year B.A. LL.B
Tug of War – Mens W – 5th Year LL.B (Hons.)
R – 3rd year B.A. LL.B
Tug of War – Womens W – 4th Year B.A. LL.B
R – 3rd year B.A. LL.B
Control Cricket W – TY Degree
R – FY Degree
Carrom W – 5th Year LL.B (Hons.)
R – FY Degree
Best Physique W – SY Degree
R – 4th Year B.A. LL.B

Cycling Selection in the month of September 1st week in College.


From 20th–23rd December, 2015, V.M.Salgaocar College Intercollegiate Cricket Tournament at Campal SAG ground was organised. Eight Colleges from the State of Goa participated and winners were Caculo College Mapusa. Runners up were MES College Vasco – Goa.